Sunday, July 26, 2015

Who Said What - Gun Violence in Erie, PA

There is much being said about the recent violence in Erie. Much of it is being said in the pages of the Erie Times-News. Because some residents of our neighborhood may have missed them, I've pieced together this list of links to recent articles. 

People wishing to comment intelligently about Erie Mayor Joe Sinnott's response (or alleged lack thereof) can now easily find his response to said allegations and a host of other responses to and thoughts about the recent events in Erie.

Most recent violent shooting. This attracted attention from national news outlets.

Pat Howard, of the Erie Times-News, reaction.

Mayor Joe Sinnott's column 7-26-15

Erie County Councilperson Kyle Foust

John Knox, a local lawyer weighs in.

And finally, an article from Reverend Jerry Priscaro

These are the most prominent views on what is happening, however our publication of this list is not an endorsement of any single view. This is simply a good starting point for people who may have missed some of the recent commentary. Read, learn, and form your own opinions. 

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