Monday, August 25, 2014

Baker Field Cleanup 2

We are starting to make a difference. 

The second Baker Field Cleanup (Saturday, August 23rd) was a great success. People really dug deep and finished some serious work. The entire east side of Baker Field (the Holland Street side) looks like a well maintained piece of property. Here's a recap:

1. Sidewalk edging - completed from the edge of the pallet garden, south on Holland to E. 33rd, and around the corner as well. This is the job that required the most people power. Justin led the way. 
Justin F. working the edger

Everyone contributed to the edging effort...



We took all of the grass, weed, and dirt "waste" and made a compost pile in the northwest side of the field behind the baseball facility.

2. Soccer goals - Keegan led the charge on this one. He scraped loose paint off of the goalposts and painted the posts white. This makes a subtle but noticeable difference in the overall look of the field. Thanks Keegan!


 3. Picking up glass around the stone - Over the years bottles have been broken on the stone resulting in a small area of glass pieces near the base of the stone. Isa H. did his best to find the glass pieces and the base of the stone was cleared of plant growth. 

4. Mowing and weeding the pallet garden - The area near the garden is really starting to look good. The flowers and plants are growing well. I didn't take any pictures yesterday so here is a shot of Janina the day we built the pallet garden. 

5. Painting the fire hydrants - One of the elements that will help to create a sense of place. 
Lisa Marie and Chris working on the hydrant at E. 32nd and Holland

Jasmine and Oliver starting the base coat on the hydrant at E. 33rd and Holland

Everyone who was there helped in some way or worked on more than one job. Thanks to everyone who pitched in. We also want to thank Wendy Sherman for her support and for dropping off donuts early in the morning.
Justin, Michelle, Janina, & Wendy

A lot of people walking and driving by thanked us for our efforts. Joyce and Jim actually stopped their bike ride and started working. Thanks for contributing!

Alfee's Pizza donated pizza and wings! This is some good stuff. Thank you Alfee's, check them out by clicking here!

Thanks again Alfee's!
Overall I would say it was the most productive event we have had, with the spring cleanup being a close second. Our work force was 16 people and each person put in at least an hour or two. I'm starting to think we might get good at this neighborhood improvement thing. 

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