Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Academy Neighborhood Center Open House

On Thursday, January 5th, we welcomed the neighborhood into our new home, the Academy Neighborhood Center. Located at 3025 French Street, it is the same location we have been holding meetings at for the last two years, but with a new look. 

The open house event basically turned in to a Thursday night party. There was plenty of food (thanks for the donations!), local beer, and over 50 people from our neighborhood and other parts of Erie. 

Why the “Academy Neighborhood Center”?

We have been holding our meetings and events here at 3025 French Street since November of 2014. Thanks to the cooperation and kindness of the building’s owner we have been able to secure these rooms for all of 2017. Here we have created the Academy Neighborhood Association’s new home, the Academy Neighborhood Center, where our meetings and social gatherings happen.

Why an open house?

We are proud of this building, in the same way that we are proud of our neighborhood and proud of Erie, and we want to show it off. In the next few years more than 400 million dollars is going to be spent developing downtown Erie, just a few minutes from here. When Erie takes a turn for the better our neighborhood is going a part of it.

Music by Matt Texter, great as always

What are the Academy Neighborhood Association’s plans for 2017?

Because we celebrate our 5th Anniversary this year, we are announcing our
 Five for Five: Five Community Events to Shape Our Neighborhood.

1.    4th Annual Neighborhood Cleanup in cooperation with Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, Saturday, April 22nd.

2.    Jefferson Elementary Cleanup and Playground Work Session in cooperation with the Jefferson Elementary PTO, Saturday, May 6th.

3.    Parade Street “City Work” Cleanup. Recognizing the Erie Refocused recommendations for the intersection of Pine Avenue, Old French Road, and Parade Street, we will work with our Parade Street partners to beautify and improve the area. Saturday, June 10th.

4.    Baker’s Field Cleanup and Beautification. Our third cleanup event at the park, Saturday, July 15th.

5.    National Night Out. Our third annual free outdoor concert, held at Baker’s Field. This community building event draws hundreds of people. Tuesday, August 1st.

What can I do to help?

You can volunteer at any of our Five for Five events.

You can attend any of our regularly scheduled meetings to share your ideas for improving our neighborhood. The next meeting is Tuesday, February 21st.

You can attend any of our Saturday morning coffees, and get to know more of your neighbors on a personal basis. Next coffee is Saturday, February 4th from 9-11 am.

You can stay connected online. Visit academyneighbors.org or ask to join our private Facebook group, Academy Neighbors, Erie, PA.

You can continue to be a good neighbor. Say “Hi.”, help shovel snow, or simply smile.