Friday, August 9, 2013

Baker's Field - A Look Ahead

I'll keep this short. First of all, it should be stated for the record that Baker's Field is named after Isaac Baker, who served as an Erie School Director for over 40 years, and who is the Isaac Baker in Isaac Baker's Men's Wear. Baker's family donated the land to the Erie School District and the field was dedicated in the spring of 1951.
We are in contact with the Baker family and they are excited about our efforts to revitalize the field and restore the monument to Baker at the corner of Holland and East 32nd Streets. Please "stay tuned" for more developments over the next few months.

I recently was at Community Park in Harborcreek Township. I was pleasantly surprised to see two things.

Garbage and recycling cans - over a dozen of them!

 Monuments and memorials that have not been damaged or stolen. 

This is what we should expect for any municipally owned property in our neighborhood. No exceptions.

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